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We specialize in:

  • Public procurement law, providing legal service to contracting entities and contractors,
  • Public-private partnership,
  • Civil law, including:
    • contract law,
    • property law,
    • family and guardianship law,
    • inheritance law.
  • Commercial and business law, including:
    • commercial companies law,
    • business negotiations.
  • Labour law,
  • Mediations,
  • Administrative law,
  • Insurance law / transportation disputes, regarding communication and redress,
  • Criminal and economic law,
  • We assist in tax matters in the sphere of VAT
  • We assist in conducting investment process from the project phase to the settlement of costs,
  • We assist in the recovery of debt,
  • We assist in obtaining funds as well as conducting and settling projects financed from financial aid.

We comprehensively assist our clients

Thanks to cooperation with experts from other areas of the law, we provide legal aid also in other matters, by directing them to experts in those areas.

Keeping in mind our client's time as well as the desire to provide comprehensive support for their cases, in addition to legal aid, we also provide: notary, administrative, banking, insurance and accounting services.

We provide legal assistance to local, social and civil initiatives, associations and foundations. We assist in starting a business as well we providing advice and helping in changing the form of business activities.

We provide services in:

  • English,
  • German,
  • Russian,
  • Spanish.

We take care of all your problems, and if we are not able to, we are looking for an effective solution.